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Links in real and higher authority websites​

Increase visibility of your brand

Increase visibility of your brand

Manual outreach that ensures quality links from 100% real and authoritative blogs.

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Manual Outreach

Manual outreach takes time and patience. Quality relationships with bloggers require a lot of focused and repeated effort. Our service is completely hands-off, meaning you can rest easy knowing we will handle all the hard work necessary for quality blogger outreach.

High-Quality Links

Not all links are created equal. In fact, black-hat link placements could hurt your Google rankings. Backlinks are crucial in building your brand authority, but only if they come from industry-relevant, high-quality blogs. We ensure that all your links are authoritative and targeted to boost your visibility and drive visitor numbers.

Meet Targeted Audiences

Your links will only ever be published on blogs with strong readership and following that’s relevant to your industry. All your links will be placed to maximize your reach and connection with specifically targeted audiences who have demonstrated interest in your niche.

Increase Visibility and Authority

Blogger outreach is a powerful marketing strategy that brings relevant exposure to your brand and increases your visibility by putting your products and services in front of the right audiences. We will drive your traffic and bring new visitors who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Build Relationship with Bloggers

Your success depends on the quality of relationships you have, and we are here to help you make the most of it. 

You need to give your targeted audiences a chance to notice you. Nothing sparks brand visibility like blogger outreach and long-term quality relationships with authorities and influencers in your industry.

These relationships help you make new connections, boost your visibility, and tap into an existing audience that wants to see what you have to offer. 

Blogger outreach can be a tedious and difficult process, and we’re sure you have more pressing business issues to dedicate your efforts to. 

Here at Outreach Knot, we will act on your behalf and pitch your brand to high-quality blogs. We design outreach and followup pitches that elicit positive responses.

Blogger outreach is our expertise and we know all the best strategies to help you build new relationships, get high-quality guest posts and link placements, reach new audiences, and get fantastic collaboration opportunities.

Powerful In-Content Links

The links we publish are a result of quality writing, relevant content topics, and manual outreach. One such link is worth thousands of randomly bought backlinks. We place your links exclusively on well-established, industry-relevant blogs that have authority and trust among their readers. 

Our articles are customized to speak to these audiences and offer them real value. Your links are seamlessly placed in-content, and the quality of writing and information presented in the article ensures that the readers will genuinely want to click on your links.

How it Works

Input Information

Before we do anything, we need to understand your business and the results you want to get. Not every blog is fit for every purpose, and the type of links you need will depend on the type of business you have and the goals of any specific campaign. We have established relationships with a wide network of quality bloggers across industries, so we can deliver perfectly targeted links that are sure to drive conversions and boost your brand.

Develop Effective Monthly Pitches for Outreach

Once we identify the right blogs for you, we begin crafting an effective and focused email copy designed to establish quality relationships with your preferred bloggers. Our monthly pitches are customized to your campaign and goals, and our team handles all outreach communication with patience, care, and respect for your brand. We personally reach out to bloggers and foster positive communication that results in targeted, quality links.

Followup Emails

We are dedicated to getting you a positive response. Our specialty is fostering quality relationships with bloggers and our outreach service includes followup emails sent up to 5 times a month. Following up lets the blogger know they’re dealing with serious business and increases your outreach and cooperation potentials.

Review and Selection

Following our outreach efforts, you will be presented with a list of selected blogs to choose from. Everything we do is transparent and depends on your feedback and review. Once you choose the blogs you want, we go back to negotiate the best terms for you and close the deal. You will then receive their URLs for final approval.

Create and Publish Content

Influencers and bloggers love us because we deliver high-quality, organic content. Our writing team is experienced in crafting relevant, five-star articles that feature seamlessly placed editorial in-content links. High DA blogs publish only those articles that speak to their audience and have real value. Our content creation process is designed to meet their high standards and ensure that your link placement is always natural and relevant to your goals.

Deliver White Label Reports

You will be provided regular reports on all active links and published articles. We deliver 100% white-label reports that you can be proud to present to your clients. We do all the work and you get all the praise.



DA 10+

$ 70
Starting Price / Placement
  • Moz DA 10 +
  • 1000+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor text / Targeted URL
  • 100% Manually Outreached
  • 1 Week TAT
  • Ahrefs DR 10 Average*
  • Link from Real Site


DA 20+

$ 80
Starting Price / Placement
  • Moz DA 20 +
  • 1000+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor text / Targeted URL
  • 100% Manually Outreached
  • 1 Week TAT
  • Ahrefs DR 20 Average*
  • Link from Real Site


DA 30+

$ 150
Starting Price / Placement
  • Moz DA 30 +
  • 1000+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor text / Targeted URL
  • 100% Manually Outreached
  • 1 Week TAT
  • Ahrefs DR 30 Average*
  • Link from Real Site
Best Deal


DA 40+

$ 200
Starting Price / Placement
  • Moz DA 40 +
  • 1000+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor text / Targeted URL
  • 100% Manually Outreached
  • 1 Week TAT
  • Ahrefs DR 40 Average*
  • Link from Real Site


DA 50+

$ 300
Starting Price / Placement
  • Moz DA 50 +
  • 1000+ Words Content
  • 1 Anchor text / Targeted URL
  • 100% Manually Outreached
  • 1 Week TAT
  • Ahrefs DR 50 Average*
  • Link from Real Site

Does Blogger Outreach Work For You?

If you want fast, transparent, and organic SEO results that bring tangible business value, you want to work with us.


Affiliate Marketer

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know how important high-quality links can be in boosting your affiliate websites. It’s all about quality relationships and we can deliver personalized, in-content links that will drive your traffic while you focus on content creation and conversions.



Climbing SERP rankings is a time-consuming challenge. And while these efforts are necessary, there’s so much more to running a successful business. We will boost your search rankings and increase your domain authority by publishing targeted links in your industry.

affiliate marketer


As you scale up your SEO reseller business, it’s a good idea to delegate some of your tasks to highly-specialized professionals. You can focus on building and maintaining client relationships while we handle your link-building work and deliver meticulously crafted 100% white-label reports.

Why Choose Us?

We excel at personalized outreach focused on popular blogs and influencers. 

Building brand awareness in your industry is key to becoming relevant and driving organic traffic. But spending all day reaching out to hundreds of bloggers and influencers will take up all your time. We provide a service that allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere while we professionally handle blogger outreach, content creation, and publishing.

US-Based Genuine Outreach

Our outreach specialists are US-based with real connections with bloggers and influencers. They specialize in certain niches and industries and have established authority that gets you genuine, real-life connections and placements.

No PBNs or Black Hat Links

We have no connections with Private Blog Networks. All our outreach is 100% real and based on actual relationships with bloggers who genuinely want to publish your content on their websites. We allow no bot placements and zero risks for your reputation.

In-Content Links

We make sure all your links are placed within the articles, surrounded by relevant and organic content. Context is king, for both Google and your new, prospective readers. We will always place your links naturally within the text and use relevant anchors that attract genuine clicks.

Relevant Content Written by Native English Speakers

We provide content of the highest quality and that means hiring only native English speakers with impeccable writing skills. We will never outsource your content to subpar writers. Our copywriters are specialists in their niches with a proven track record of delivering top-tier content.



Blogger Outreach is a service that gets you mentioned on relevant blogs and uses those mentions to boost your authority in search engine algorithms. Your links appear on popular blogs within quality, non-promotional articles, and you get access to a wider audience and better rankings.

They are more or less the same, with a big difference in link placement. Blogger Outreach services get your links placed within the article flow, while Guest Post Services usually place them in author bios, which decreases visibility.

Unlike guest blog services that place your links in author bios, our blogger outreach links appear within the articles. These are real, in-content links that are ‘mentioned’ in the natural flow of the blog post. We also make sure there are other non-spammy, non-competing links mentioned along with yours so that the natural aspect of your link placement is well-established and the content appears to be organic and useful.

We ensure that you can manage live progress and we will send you placements and content, but you will not be able to pre-approve blog post placements. The content we provide is non-promotional and we write it in ghost blogging style. This means there’s no need to pre-approve it. The links are placed editorially and appear as natural mentions within the text.

We have a specialized in-house team of English native writers who deliver magazine-quality content. This is the service you’re getting, and it means that your content will provide real value to your new audiences with your links seamlessly placed within. Unlike guest posting, this content is published as written by the blog owner, ensuring that your links appear genuine and non-spammy.

We specialize in getting your placements on US and UK blogs, with the option of expanding to the Australian market as well. We write exclusively in the English language. Your placements will appear on various top-level domains such as .com,, .net, .org.

As it usually goes, placements remain online indefinitely, unless the blogger decides to shut down their site or switch their focus. We can give you a guarantee that our placements will last for at least one year, but it’s very likely they will stay up permanently. There are always some losses in link-building, but all things considered, it’s a lasting and safe way to promote your brand.

Our service is fully transparent and you will get full reports and stats on your links. We will send you live links that you can show your clients.

We provide high-quality, in-content links with anchor texts where you can use your exact or partial targeted keywords. However, if you do this, it’s important that your links lead to value-driven content. Blog editors don’t look kindly on links and content that appears SEO-driven and littered with keywords.

One of the main advantages of this service is that it’s done manually. That means that turnaround time depends on the outreach efforts. Usually, we deliver results within 30 days, if not faster, depending on the outreach period.

Ideally, keywords should fall somewhere in the middle – not the most competitive, but not ones without ranking either. Think keywords that rank on the second or third page of Google SERPs. 

The best practice is to identify the keywords that are already working for your website. If you want to rank for a blog post, use informational keywords, but if you want to sell a product, use buyer-focused keywords.

We don’t offer a guest posting service for adult websites, but we can get the links published in most other imaginable niches. Our blogger network features authority guest blogs in almost every industry. 

Absolutely. Click here to schedule a free SEO consultation.

We use PayPal, Skrill and all type of Credit Cards.

We work with most if not all niches, but there are some instances when we decide on a case-by-case basis. If you have doubts, contact us for details.

We use 100% white hat SEO techniques. So no PBNs, no networks, no link farms, no automatized posts. We deal only with real bloggers whose blogs are live and active with certified Google organic traffic.

Yes, we only deliver followed links to our clients. If it so happens that an article is published with nofollow links, we will start the whole process again and get your followed link without any additional charges for you.

It’s traditionally difficult to establish real, lasting relationships in these niches, so we can’t guarantee that we can make your order work for adult or gambling sites. 

However, sometimes there are possibilities to help you in these niches. We are always open to discuss your needs and requirements and come up with personalized plans and pricing.

Choose us as your blogger outreach partner today!





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