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Trusted Publishers

We have several parameters for approving a website and adding it to our inventory. We don't pick random sites just to build links. We check each website manually, checking historical traffic data helps us to avoid previously penalized sites. We also take a look at their organic traffic graph on Ahrefs and SEMrush. Thus we filter out PBN websites and choose the real one.

Website Selection

We won’t spam your brand by adding your links to irrelevant and PBN websites. Our outreach team will connect with the best and authentic bloggers in your industry. With us, you have the final say on selecting or replacing a website after introducing them to you. We will keep you in the loop with all the guest posting process and notify you with the published link.

High-Quality Native Content

Once you come up with the selection, we will create a content outline and send it to our US-based writers. Our top-notched writers will craft content giving attention to your brand and fulfilling the guest post requirements. Your link will be naturally integrated into the content. The content goes through editing and proofreading before publication.

Guaranteed Placement

We never compromise with the quality of the websites. If we can't deliver you the guest post from the chosen domain, we will find a suitable replacement. If you’re not satisfied with any of the placements, we will do everything in our power to make it right. We will take 10 days of guaranteed turn around time for your guest post placement.

real link growth

Earn High Quality Links without Hassle

Acquiring links from relevant websites in your industry and securing guest posts at the same time is a tedious task. You have to create prospects, set outreach emails, build connections, create content, send it to the editor, and wait until the content goes live. We handle the entire activity from start to finish with our guest posts service. 

Linking your brand, product, or services on industry-relevant domains helps to build authority, improve search rankings, and bring targeted traffic to your website. No small feat, but here at Outreach Knot, we accomplish it with ease. Our guest post process ensures backlinks from quality blogs with higher organic traffic and domain authority.
We provide a full-scope solution with expert content creation, manual blogger outreach, and guest post placement on real sites. We provide extensive QA and measurable results.
We have the biggest inventory of 20000+ websites, and the list is expanding every day. Our list of authority sites for guest posting service will definitely pay you with success.

Guest Posting Process

Input Details​

Send us your URL and the anchor text you want to place in the content. We will review your request, verify, and start reaching out to the bloggers.

Manual Outreach

Our manual blogger outreach process starts from finding relevant websites in your niche and get in touch with them. We make our bonding strong to secure your guest post placement on time.

Website Selection

After interacting with the relevant bloggers and influencers, we will share the list of sites with you. You will have the full right to pick the best sites and place your order with us.

Content Creation and Link Insertion

Once you made the selection, we will allot content to our writers. Our team of expert writers will develop intent-based content and fit your targeted link into it naturally.

White Label Reports​

When your content is up and passes the quality parameters, we will deliver a 100% white label report including guest post link. The performance report can easily be shared with your clients.

Examples of Real Blogs We Outreach To

Power of Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the most powerful and secure link building tactics. It helps you to build authority, improve search ranking and get qualified traffic. Guest posting is a way of getting backlinks from other blogs for the targeted pages using branded, partial, exact match and non-commercial keywords. High-quality content and links from reputable sites effectively boost your SEO performance.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest posting is a great way to improve your SEO game and establish authority and relationships in the industry. In simple terms, guest blogging means posting content on another blog as a guest. 

So what does guest blogging accomplish? It’s all about making connections. By linking content and appearing on relevant and popular blogs in your industry, you are raising awareness for your brand and addressing a larger audience than your site alone. This, in turn, increases your online visibility, search rankings, and domain authority, and ultimately drives more organic and targeted traffic to your site. 

It’s a win-win situation for both you and the guest blog. Your preferred guest site gets quality content contributions that speak to their readership, and you get wider exposure for your brand. 

The most important issue about guest blogging is to deliver quality and relevant content that will establish trust with your new audience, and get link placements that are seamless, natural, and non-spammy.

Guest Blogging
money back guarantee


We’re here to build long-term, trusted partnerships. With a 100% refund guarantee, you can rest assured your money is used to deliver the best of services. If we fail to provide the expected domain authority or quality link placements, you get your money back.

natural in content link

Natural In-Content Links

The difference in high-quality, natural link-building and meaningless spam linking are in the selection of relevant guest blogs, development of content that resonates with the audience, and manually-established relationships. 

We provide a guest posting service that ensures links will be placed on genuine and well-established blogs. Your search rankings will improve organically, and the traffic will be relevant to your brand.

The entire process is streamlined to provide unique and quality content made for the targeted audience. That means the links fit naturally on the guest blogs, and these are the links that your newly acquired audience will want to click on.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Blog Content

All our writers have a proven track record of delivering exceptional content. We only work with English-native writers that are managed in-house. Our writers are industry experts with a keen mind and excellent research abilities, and most importantly, they are dedicated to delivering outstanding articles that will boost your brand’s reputation.

Prospecting Outreach

We already have a wide partnership network of well-established guest blogs in almost every niche. These are blogs that we have great cooperation with, and that are glad to get your link published. If needed, we will get in touch with relevant industry publications on your behalf as well.

Affordable Price

Our guest posting service is designed to fit all targets and budgets. We offer an affordable price range that works for both small and medium businesses and enterprises. With our exceptional guest-posting service track record and a 100% refund guarantee, you can be certain that your money is well-spent.

Reliable Communication

We will never leave you in the dark. We foster partnerships through transparent communication, at a level that works for you. Our team will keep you updated on all developments relating to your order, and you will get weekly white-label update reports detailing all the guest postings.

Who Can Benefit from our SEO Guest Posting Service?

SEO Agencies

Guest posting services are necessary as you scale your agency. We will do guest blogging for your clients, send white-label reports, and take the bulk link building orders off your plate.


Brand recognition comes from having content published on high-profile blogs trusted in the industry. Our guest blogging service will build your influence and credibility with the desired audience.

Affiliate Marketers

With our guest posts boosting your exposure and driving evergreen referral traffic to your pages, sit back and watch your exposure skyrocket, and your revenue grows steadily.

Why Choose Outreach Knot?

High DR, PA, DA, and Organic Traffic Sites

All our guest posting packages contain sites with powerful SEO metrics such as high Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority, and high organic traffic. We search and develop relationships with high-quality and niche-specific site owners.

seo metrics
native content writer

Native Content

From better grammar to better understanding, native writers are more efficient than non-natives. They are familiar with the culture and regional language. They do proper research to interpret words better and create a reader-friendly piece. Our team of native writers crafts high-quality, engaging, and error-free content to give valuable results.

Resourceful Content

Every brand has a story to tell. Exceptional content is an art of expressing it. Resourceful content defines your brand voice, highlight expertise and connect targeted audiences. Our guest post link building tactics plays up creating resourceful content to acquire natural backlinks from high quality blogs.

Resourceful content

Customized Link Building to Outrank Competitors

We start with competitor analysis. It helps us to find how well the top-ranking sites are performing, the number and the quality of linking sites they have. We save all the potential sites with good backlink opportunities to reach out. Our customized link building plan is a solution to secure backlinks from best sites and rank better.

Quality Links with Fresh Content

Fresh content builds trust, loyalty, and helps to gain authority in search engines. Quality Backlinks counts as the most important ranking signals. We weave your link naturally within the content to not get affected by algorithm updates. We focus on creating natural backlinks profile for the best, safest, and fastest result.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Satisfactory Zero Hassle Method

We work with native, dedicated and experienced writers who make sure that the content is resourceful enough to gain readers’ attention. You can rely 100% on our Guest Posts Service because we can guarantee long-term profitable results and satisfaction with zero hassle.

Saying NO to PBNs

Our Outreach coordinators are trained enough to recognize real sites and filter out the PBNs. We check each website manually and use leading SEO tools to track the overall performance of a website. The sites where we guest post do not belong to us.

white hat guest posts service

White hat links to improve your rankings

Guest posting is one of the safest white hat link building methods. Our market research and tailor-made emails have made our bonds strong with genuine bloggers and trusted websites. We keep in mind to improve your website’s ranking with reliable links by publishing quality content.

Trusted White Label Guest Post Service

For agencies we are providing 100% reseller friendly white label report that includes all the links you achieved by using our guest blogging services. You can take full credit of the work and share it with your clients.

white label guest post report


We use an organic, manual approach to link building. From initial outreach, content creation, approval and publishing, it takes about 5 – 10 days to complete the request. To account for case-specific requirements, our standard estimate is 15 – 20 days from the date of your order until the links are published.

We try every possible method to avoid PBNs completely. The guest posts will not have any sponsored disclosure or bios of the authors. All of the websites you get your content placed on are real.

Will You Send Content for pre-approval?

Yes, we would definitely appreciate your approval. The content is crafted by experienced writers, so it hardly needs any modifications. Still, we are always up for minor editing if required.

The number of links depend on the niche you have been competing. Plus it also depends on your budget. To make sure how many links you require to dominate your industry get in touch with our team and we’ll build a plan together.

We can help you estimate the number, but  search engine rankings depend on more than just link building. If you’re competing in a saturated niche, you will need all the help you can get. If you’re in a specific market and have competitive keywords, you might do well with fewer guest posts.

Links from higher DA websites will help you to gain authority in search engines. We have a special package for our clients who are looking for backlinks from high DA websites. Get connected with our team for more details.

Yes, we would definitely appreciate your approval. The content is crafted by experienced writers, so it hardly needs any modifications. Still, we are always up for minor editing if required.

We won’t place your content and links where it is not appropriate. We are different because we take the time and effort to listen, reach out, and establish a strong relationship with our bloggers.

All the steps in our guest posting service are manual and designed to meet your expectations, targets, and business goals.

We work with a wide range of bloggers and websites and offer a link placement that’s relevant to your industry and speaks to your desired audience.

Our prices are competitive and we offer a 100% refund guarantee, not something you see often. In short, our guest posting service is a concentrated effort meant to deliver tangible results and widen your organic ranking.

Yes, you can write your own content and send that to us. We will publish the same on selected websites.

Otherwise, you can also set the content guidelines, our experienced writers will create an excellent article based on that.

Keyword variation is the most important part of the guest post link building. We use branded, exact match, partial match, non-commercial keyword, naked URL etc. according to the target page relevancy. We do all possible ways to make your links look natural.

We have an inventory that contains almost every niche of websites. Our team will suggest the most relevant websites for your industry that move the needle.

Of course. Choose the time and date that works for you and book a call. Our team will be delighted to get in touch.

That’s the promise. We only deal with high-authority blogs with established readerships. Considering the high-quality guest posts we offer, publishers love cooperating with us, and we have no problems getting your links placed on industry-relevant blogs. 

Depending on your package, we offer editorial backlinks on sites where your desired audience spends a lot of time. This means increased brand influence and outreach. You also get referral traffic and boosted organic rankings for the keywords.


It depends on the existing DA, the competitiveness of the keywords, the extent of your niche. The number of links is determined by on the industry. Go with high domain authority links. Ten links from DA 80+ blogs are better than a thousand links from blogs with DA 20+. We offer links in the DA 20+ to DA80+ range.

We have established strong connections with the bloggers and the websites where we publish your guest posts. So, we can guarantee that your post or link will be there for a year minimum. Within that time-frame, if your post gets deleted you can get 100% money back.

Stop Worrying and Start Guest Posting with us!





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