Privacy Policy

We Commit to Protect your Privacy

While you are using our website, you give us the authority to get some information about you under this policy. We give you the assurance that we only collect the minimum amount of information in order to provide you the correct and satisfactory service.

However, this policy doesn’t permit us to share your details elsewhere without your consent.

What Information do we gather?

Mainly, we collect only the information that you give us access by subscribing with us. Your name, e-mail address, contact number, address are some examples of such information about you.

What do we use your information for?

The information we collect about your account is only for our interest to provide you with the best suitable service that you are looking for. The purpose of using your data includes:

Letting you know about all the products or services we offer, which may suit your needs.

  1. Providing you the solution to all your queries.
  2. Resolve all your issues, if any.
  3. Completing transactions.
  4. Notifying you about all the latest updates.

Collecting your review and experience to make any necessary changes to our website.


  • Outreach Knot is bound to maintain full confidentiality of every detail shared with us by the clients. We do not disclose any information on the agreement or terms and conditions between us with any other parties.
  • In order to provide our clients with great service, we reserve some rights to make changes in anchor texts and order details.
  • We maintain a good-link relationship with other websites to publish your backlinks. However, we still claim no such guarantee that one or multiple links would be permanently placed in blogs or websites.
  • Suppose the client uses any other third-party service, and the client’s website faces some damages because of that. In that case, we are never liable for the same.
  • We do not take any responsibility if the client takes any service from third parties and get linked with “bad neighborhood”.
  • Outreach knot will not be responsible if any changes happen in blogs, websites due to modifications in the search engine’s policies.
  • Once the subscription is taken, the fee would not get refunded if the client terminates the subscription in the middle of the tenure.
  • We work as an outsource provider of SEO service; if any unfavorable changes happen after publishing content and link, we are not liable to make any changes in any keywords or phrases.


When you are using any internet browser via desktop or mobile, the browser collects small information or cookies about you. Those cookies help us to recognize your account every time you re-enter on our website. However, you get notifications if you want to accept cookies or not. If you prevent accepting cookies from our website, then some functions would get impaired.

Non-disclosure Policies

Without your consent, we never share any details about you with third parties. We maintain tremendous security while retrieving any details about your account. Outreach Knot never discloses any information about agreement and terms of conditions between you and us with any other parties.

However, we have to release your information if law enforcement is required to protect our rights and safety.

Some identifiable information that is not so personal gets shared with marketing or advertising companies for other purposes.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We possess the right to make changes in our privacy policy anytime if needed. The same changes will be mentioned on our website. Every visitor, client, and the user can see the modifications.


While you are using our website, you give us consent to apply Outreach Knot’s privacy policy.





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