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What are Niche Edits?

Niche-edit is a process of securing high-quality contextual links naturally in aged content or existing blog-posts that is relevant to your website. It is a safe, quick and robust process to drive organic traffic to your site. 

At Outreach Knot, we manually search the websites to find the suitable best existing content to place your links. Then, we run the outreach process and secure your link placement. Our experienced team chooses a specific post by analyzing the authority and online-presence of the content. Needless to mention that they only pick such content which is from real and trusted websites having genuine and constant traffic. 

Our niche edits service is for everyone, including agencies to small companies new to SEO; we believe in delivering results by placing only white hat links. If you want to shine in your industry with less risk- then niche-edit is perfect for you.

Benefits of Niche Edits Backlinks

Manual Blogger Outreach: Secure your niche edits on real sites with our manual blogger outreach program.

Editorial Links:  Links will be integrated naturally within the flow of the content 

No Duplication: OutreachKnot ensures that there will not be any duplicate links (We avoid sites you already acquired links from).

Higher DA & DR Sites:  We connect with bloggers who have sites with high Domain Authority and quality SEO metrics.

What We Deliver

We don’t leave footprints while building links for your website. We always avoid such bad practices where Google can track and lead you to penalization. All our sites have unique C-class IPs for maximum link juice and keep you away from Google penalty.

How Do We Work?

We have an unlimited inventory of websites and blogs of almost every niche. The first step in niche edits is to find the right domains and pages for your anchor text and links to place. We contact the website owner or the bloggers to put the links on relevant content. The older the posts, the more it will pass the link juice and authority to your pages.

We never deal with PBNs as our manual outreach campaign’s agenda is to find real websites and bloggers only. 

Buying niche edits service is less costly than publishing a guest post. We offer budget-friendly customized niche edits packages to improve visibility and ranking.

Niche edits is a step-by-step process. Though the steps are simple, the procedure still requires hardcore SEO knowledge to complete it. Our team of SEO experts knows the niche edits techniques and capable enough to improve your SEO ranking. We share a report with you after the job gets done.

Why choose OutreachKnot for the Niche edits service?

At OutreachKnot, we offer our niche edits service at affordable rates. We have packages based on the domains’ SEO metrics. We execute strong outreach plans to get connected with higher authority websites and blogs. So your links will be placed on genuine authority websites. We do not have any association with any PBNs. Our link building services follow a strictly white hat method.

If you are an agency, then you can completely rely on us. We will choose the best content from industry relevant websites for your clients’ link placement and deliver you 100% white-label reports. You can directly share the report with your clients as we never include any brand logo or watermark.

Link Placements on Relevant Existing Content

Buy Niche Edits on high Authority Sites and Improve Ranking

Niche -Relevant Curated Links

Staying up to date with Google search algorithm and ranking system is the biggest SEO challenge. Google does not consider artificial and toxic links. Your links will be placed on existing pages of the websites where we think it will be useful for readers and add value to that page. We select the relevant pages that already have the authority to place your niche edits links. 

Team Outreach Knot follows the natural link building tactics for the safest and fastest growth of your website.

Fastest and Safest way to Boost SERP Result

Niche edits are the safest and quickest way to improve SERP ranking. Our strategy is to find high-quality sites with powerful, relevant and aged content to place your site’s link with the desired anchor text. 

We will secure your links on pages that are already indexed. You will get the result within some days after the link placement. So, neither the clients need to wait for publishing the guest post nor worry about leaving footprints by building links from PBNs. You can witness your site getting a higher Google ranking in no time with our proper niche edits service.

Link Placement on Genuine Sites with Real Traffic

Our outreach strategy is entirely manual. We handpick real websites by manually inspecting their authenticity, traffic and other important domain metrics. A link from a real and high visitor website can maximize the juice to your target pages. Your niche edits links will be placed only on existing articles of higher DA & DR sites with genuine traffic flow.

Budget-Friendly Niche Edits Services

Our prices are based on the referring domains a website has. However, we set the price after judging a website’s backlink profile. There are many factors that make a high-quality website. Our experienced outreach experts manually check the link profile of every website with the help of powerful SEO tools and determine the site’s authenticity and quality. Outreach Knot aims to give you a budget-friendly effective niche-edit service that helps your business to grow.

Our Process to acquire Curated Links

  1. We start processing the order after getting the URL or anchor texts from the client. Based on the package the clients select, we search for websites or blogs to put the link.
  2. We manually approach the site owners or bloggers for securing the link placement.
  3. We share the report with the clients after completion.

Our technique of link building is 100% white-hat. We only acquire links from websites that are genuine and have continuous organic traffic.


Our inventory only contains those websites that are 100% real. So the niche edits links are only going to get placed in authentic and genuine websites. Outreach Knot ensures that we will acquire your links in aged pre-existing content.

We have been building relationships with bloggers in different industries since 2015. Our inventory is full of sites in a variety of niches.

There is no particular answer. The ranking depends on many SEO factors like on-page, industry, competition, etc. However, niche edits are a powerful link building model that can help you to reach your goals faster.

We prefer your links look natural wherever it gets placed. Rather than placing only your link in the content it is better to have 3-4 outbound links indicating high authority sites in that page.

It will take 10-14 days to see your niche edits links on selected sites.

We integrate the texts naturally within the flow of the already existing content including the assigned anchor text. Our experienced writers are here to do that on your behalf.

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